• In winter conditions try to keep a full tank to prevent frozen fuel lines.
  • Check tires for air bi-monthly, vehicles often list tire pressure requirements on the driver's door post.
  • Check battery connection for corrosion biannually, and test it on a regular basis, including while having your car serviced and before and after long trips.

  • Make sure your spark plugs are functional, damaged and old spark plugs may lead to a decrease in engine performance, an increase in emissions and diminished starting capability.

  • For winter-time driving always carry a blanket and a couple of candles. Note: an average candle will keep an average-sized car 50º F, don't forget to keep the window slightly cracked for oxygen.

  • Change air filters at necessary intervals, dirty and damaged air filters could allow harmful, abrasive contaminants into the combustion chamber. Although it is unlikely, permanent damage is possible.